How it Started – How it’s Going

How it started WilliamFrom the NICU to the bus stop

Thank you for supporting our Northeast Ohio Walk for PKD!  The picture accompanying this post shows William’s setup in the NICU shortly after he was born.  On the right is today’s typical set up: bus stop, kid brother tagging along, and you can practically hear him sighing as Mom takes ANOTHER picture.  It’s been a goofy year, but we are happy to report that the Northeast Ohio Walk for PKD raised over $4,000 for PKD research.  Team William raised over $3,000 of that!  Wow!  Thank you!

The best part of the Walk for PKD is knowing that the money goes to researching polycycstic kidney disease.  Our journey with PKD has not been a picnic, but we were very fortunate that so much research had already begun.  My hope is that PKD becomes more manageable every year for families like ours until there is finally a cure.  The PKD foundation already has the attention of a Japanese pharmaceutical company, Otsuka.  The PKD foundation is also making our voice heard in Washington, DC.  You are making a big difference with your support!