What the Media was Worried About – May 2022

I’m catching up.  May had fewer headlines, but they were pretty huge. Page One Leak from the Supreme Court that they will overturn Roe vs Wade, making abortion a state issue, not federal. Economy/Markets Federal Reserve raises rates 0.75% (huge raise).  Equity markets rally 3% on the day. Bank of England sees 10% inflation by the end of 2022 Markets crash.  Bear market intraday, but not official as it did not close down 20% from highs. S&P 500 streak of 7 straight down weeks finally breaks. Other monkeypox is a thing. PS Just when we thought SCOTUS was once again a bastion of decorum and collegiality, bam.  I’m sure it all blows over by June, right?  Ok, the media worrying kicks back into high gear next month: ESG, more inflation, and sriracha.

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