What Was the Media Worried About – July 2022

Lots of speculation in July.  Oil experts go out on a limb making price predictions.  Political mayhem.  Gopher conspiracy unmasked. Economy June inflation comes in at 9.1% vs 8.8% expected. Yikes. Nord Stream 1 shut for regular maintenance. Will it come back online? Yep.  Back online. Euro/Dollar parity                 Yield curve inverted (2s/10s) ECB raises rates by 50 bps (raising rates to 0.00%), creates “Transmission Protection Instrument”. Some are calling TPI “To Protect Italy”. McDonald’s raises price of cheeseburger in UK for first time in 14 years Politics UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigns Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Assassinated Potpouri The gophers have been farming this entire time Nobody panic – Duck & Cover updated for 2022 – It’s probably fine. Heat waves in US and Europe Hershey’s won’t be able to meet demand for Halloween candy

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