What the Media was Worried About – April 2022

Cat in SinkSorry this post is late. Here is Jim the Cat in a sink.

Looks like I fell behind in updating monthly crises.  Expect a relative flurry of posting as I catch up.  The world is ending, after all.

April’s headlines were dominated by Ukraine and Elon.


Atrocities reported in Ukraine

NATO strategy might not be to win, but to prolong the conflict as long as possible, bleeding Russia as much as possible

Russia stops gas flow to Poland and Bulgaria for not paying in Rubles


Will Smith banned from the Oscars for 10 years

Baseball is back!!!

China locks down Shanghai and other major cities under zero–COVID policy


Elon buys 9% of Twitter!

He’s going to be on the board!

No, he’s not!  Elon might want to be active, not passive, possibly acquire more shares.

Funding secured.  He’s taking it private for $44 billion!

Real News

Katanji Brown Jackson confirmed as Associate Justice to Supreme Court, succeeding Justive Stephen Breyer this summer.  This should have been a bigger deal than it was.  Noteworthy in the historic sense of adding a Black woman to the Supreme Court, but also the relative lack of circus surrounding the confirmation hearings.  Yes, she whiffed on the biology portion of the exam, but seems to be a solid addition to the Court.

8.5% Inflation – Ok, “Transitory” can begin whenever it’s ready, please.

Walmart offering 12 week course to train truck drivers – making $112,000/year.


These headlines are only from three months ago and half of them are outdated.  The Elon and Twitter saga is only beginning.  The Supreme Court hit the front pages in May.  We didn’t even have any “Nature Out to Kill You” headlines this month!