The Blog is Back! started as an experiment.  I really just wanted to know how a person went about setting up a website.  Turns out, buying a domain is pretty cheap, so why not buy my own name?  From there, I figured I’d at least put up some text or something to figure out the logistics of publishing things on the site.  This was pretty easy, too.  It was so easy that I turned the site into a little blog.  What would happen if I started publishing my thoughts in the interwebs?  Would anyone read?  Would I run out of things to write?

Thank You

Yes, people started reading my blog.  Thank you for reading.  Not only did they read, but people emailed or reached out via DM to give feedback.

I’ve made some changes to the header and tagline for the site.  There’s also a new favicon – that little logo in your browser tab.  I think the upgrades look nice, but I’m also upgrading the content.


I’ve changed the tagline to ‘Investment Insight, Cleveland Perspective’.  Investment due diligence was the topic I had in mind for this blog since that’s what I do all day.  The most viewed post, Pick Good Funds, is a due diligence post.  Most of the feedback I’ve gotten about the site, however, is from folks asking about headlines.  What’s going on in the markets right now?  What does Trump’s election mean for the stock market?  Should I get out/in?  Maybe that’s why my most viewed post of 2019 answers Where Are We in the Current Cycle? Due diligence is great, but people really want to know more about the news.  The blog covered the news quite a bit already, so why not make it official.  Investment Insight, Cleveland Perspective.

What’s Next for the Blog?

My goal is to be more intentional with what I do here.  I’ll post more regularly and keep it current.  The website will act as a repository for my thoughts on news, investing, family, etc.  When family and friends ask about the markets, hopefully I’ll have something here that will add clarity. also supplements my professional writing at  Not everything is a good fit for work.  They don’t need a thousand updates on William’s fundraising for the PKD walk or cynical posts about dumpster fires.  I also hope to get better at writing in general and is a great place to exercise that muscle.

Let Me Know

Thank you again for reading and feel free to send me some feedback via email (matt at MatthewGarrott dot com), using the contact form on the site, or via DM on Twitter or LinkedIn.  I’d love to hear what you think about the site tweaks and what topics you’d like to read about.