Two Years

thank youSomeone at Wordpress gets a Juicero every time the word blogiversary gets published.

I set up this website two years ago with no particular goal in mind.  I just wanted to see how difficult it was to buy a domain and start a blog.  It turns out that the set up was the easy part.  The writing is harder.  For the first year, I wrote sporadically.  In this second year, I have tried to post something every week.  I have had varying degrees of success!  Thank you for sticking with me as I continue to figure this whole process out!

My two most popular posts of the last year are also my most popular posts of all time, in no small part to being included in the Abnormal Returns daily links (Thanks Tadas!):

Pick Good Funds – The latest marketing from American Funds suggests that bad active managers are pulling down the whole group relative to the S&P 500 and all investors need to do is pick good funds.  It turns out this is harder than it sounds.  While the American Funds family looks good in the time periods highlighted by its ad campaign, it is really just highlighting outperformance from 1996-2006.

Filthy Casual – In video gaming and investing, there is pressure to optimize rather than customize.  Sure, there is a most efficient way to game/invest, but that doesn’t matter at all if you’re not having fun playing the game or if your efficient investment scheme doesn’t let you to sleep at night.

Thank you for reading my posts on everything from Grexit to gaming.  I started this thing just to see if I could do it.  I’ve gotten so much positive feedback and it means the world to me.  Every time I hit ‘publish’ I wonder if this is the post that’s going to get me nasty email since this is the internet, after all.  Thankfully, the worst I’ve gotten is spam about singles in my area.  I wouldn’t have kept writing without your kind words of encouragement so again, thank you.

This blog will continue.  I’ve got plans for improvements and there should be some big announcements later on this year, too.


Photo by Dark Dwarf