One Trillion Dollars


The Trade War™ wiped over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS from the stock market on Monday.  Will the market ever recover from this disaster?  It turns out that a trillion bucks ain’t what it used to be.  Financial reporters showed Monday’s market movement as -2.41%.  Financial entertainers breathlessly echoed the ONE TRILLION DOLLARS talking point.  Being down over 2% in one day isn’t good, but it was a useful tool to separate news sources that are serious about their reporting from the click-bait farms.  Oh and will we ever recover?  The S&P 500 was down 0.11% on the week, as of Thursday’s close, but oddly we haven’t heard any stories of the market gaining ONE TRILLION DOLLARS over the last couple of days.  Weird. Trade War™ There is a lot of hand-wringing over the consequences of the very public negotiation with China.  Bad financial news of all sorts is inevitably traced back…

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My Favorite Posts This Week

I try to share good posts via Twitter.  A bunch of people were writing solid stuff this week:   A Little Knowledge is Dangerous – Nick Maggiulli – Surprising stat about survival rates for people lost in the wild.  Kids six and under have a surprisingly high survival rate while one of the lowest is for kids seven to twelve.  Younger kids follow their instincts.  Older kids overthink and panic.  This maps over to investing in that knowing a little bit can lead to devastating over-confidence. Is Robert Shiller Right that Passive Investing is Dangerous? – Cullen Roche, Chicken Farmer – This is a sensible layout of one argument in the active/passive debate, pointing out that the sides often aren’t even debating the same points. How to Deal with Market Moving News – Ben Carlson – Binary thinking and single variable analysis are killers to long-term portfolio success. Backtested Strategies:…