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When the Recovery Will End, Emotion, Controversy

When Will the Recovery End? (Spoiler Alert: It’s Already Over) After 10 years, surely the end of the recovery is near?  I still see investment products pitched with this kind of wording.  It turns out that the recovery ended 84 freaking months ago.  Since then, we’ve been in expansion.  84 months sounds like a long time (7 years!), but in the context of previous expansions, it’s not remarkable in either length nor size (there’s a joke here, somewhere).  The expansion following recovery from the tech crash was just 12 months, with a gain of 14.6% on the S&P 500.  However, the two prior expansions were 135 and 134 months long and gained over 400 and 500% (see graphic).  Should we be worried about the current expansion?  Let’s break 100 months first, then three years after that let’s start worrying.  In the meantime, stick to your financial plan. Taking the Emotion…

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Are You More Likely to Cheat with Bitcoin?

I recently spoke with a client who wanted to know what could go wrong with bitcoin.  We talked about bitcoin and the monetary system (not a risk now, but who knows in the future) as well as black market applications (greenbacks work just as well or better here).  The question stuck with me, though.  What could go wrong?  I remembered attending a session at an IMCA (now the Investments & Wealth Institute) conference with Dan Ariely and something clicked.  Ariely’s research suggests that the further we get from money, the higher the likelihood that we will cheat. Check out his TED talk here.  He performed an experiment where subjects were given a limited amount of time to complete a number of math problems and would get paid based on the number of problems they completed.  Subjects who handed in their papers got an average of 4 problems correct. Lots of…