The Federal Reserve must be barraged by lonely singles looking for dating advice because they recently put out a working paper called “Credit Scores and Committed Relationships”.  The Fed finds that people with similar credit scores tend to get together and that the higher the credit score, the more trustworthy the person.  Having a high credit score doesn’t necessarily mean you’re relationship material so much as it lowers the likelihood of a breakup due to financial disagreements.  There are jerks with high credit scores, too.  Here’s a nice summary of the paper if you don’t feel like reading all 55 pages.

The Wall Street Journal is another unlikely source of relationship advice, but they’re giving it a shot anyways, saying grammar has become a major factor in the dating scene.  There are even apps that will comb dating sites for you and grade prospective partners’ grammar for you!!!

If you’re single and looking online for love, make sure your grammar is on fleek and your credit score says CREAM rather than YOLO.

Photo by opensourceway