September 2019


Putting a Name to the Fear

Putting a Name to the Fear “I’m afraid there will be a recession soon.”  No, you’re not. “I’m afraid the stock market will go down.”  No, you’re not. “I’m afraid I will lose my money.”  Close, but no. What does losing money mean? Money is not the thing we want or need.  It is the standard of exchange we use to obtain these things.  I’m not afraid I’ll lose my money.  I’m afraid I won’t be able to feed myself or my family.  I’m afraid I won’t be able to manage my own time.  I’m afraid of losing control over my future. Studies show that the more steps there are between ourselves and a payoff, the more likely we are to cheat.  Let’s say you take a test and get paid based on the number of answers you say get right.  If you are directly paid ($1 per answer, or…

iPhones, IPOs, Interest Rates

iPhones, IPOs, and Interest Rates – The I’s Have It

iPhones, IPOs, Interest Rates Lots of random news today, none of which warrants a full post from me due to either lack of opinion or lack of expertise.  However, here are some places that have worthwhile views on each of these subjects.  Also, don’t forget about the Northeast Ohio PKD Walk on September 21st.  Donate to my team so I can hold bragging rights in my house for the next year.  My son William has his own fundraising page this year, too! The WeWork IPO It’s been hard to avoid news about WeWork.  First as a tech disruptor darling.  Now as fodder for gossip as their IPO plans look shaky.  Personally, I think the founder’s actions and the structuring of the firm tell you all you need to know, but I’m not a stock picking expert.  Professor Damodaran is, however, and he breaks down his view here along with some damning parallels…

PKD Walk

A Gift That Makes a Difference

2019 Northeast Ohio PKD Walk It’s that time of year again!  The 2019 Northeast Ohio PKD Walk is on September 21st.  As usual, Team William will have its walking shoes on.  We’ll trek through the Bedford Reservation and then head back to the Garrott house for hotdogs, burgers, and maybe a beverage or two!  Gotta keep those kidneys hydrated! Our Story My son William was born with a genetic condition called Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease, or ARPKD.  He had both kidneys removed before he was a year old and relied on a special kind of dialysis until he received a donor kidney shortly after his second birthday.  Those first few years were difficult, but I’m happy to report that Will is a happy and healthy fourth grader today.  He plays soccer and takes swimming lessons.  He is the only member of the household looking forward to his playing the…