March 2018

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My “Bad” Personal Finance

“Dad, can we go speed?” I always wondered if my kids would be like me.  So when William asked that question on the way to swimming lessons, I knew I could check that box.  Yep, this kid inherited the car gene.  My dad is a car guy.  By today’s standards (I enjoy driving stick), I am a car guy.  And now it seems the next generation has the bug.  What’s this got to do with personal finance?  Cars are one of the biggest targets for personal finance bloggers.  If you’re trying to live the FIRE (financially independent, retire early) lifestyle and do the whole retire in your 30s/40s thing, a car can be a huge burden on this journey. Car FIRE The FIRE crowd isn’t necessarily against cars so much as car payments.  Their arguments are air-tight and their logic is flawless.  Yes, it makes sense to buy a used…

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I’m Back, Baby!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but that’s because I’ve been busy with a new baby!  Baby and Mom are happy and healthy.  This is a pretty big difference from our first child who spent a ton of time in the hospital during his first two years. There’s a pretty big gap between our two kids (almost 8 years!) so a lot of people are asking us if we are ready to go through all the newborn stuff again.  Are we ready?  We’ve been playing the child-raising game on hard mode for the past 8 years.  We are reveling in changing diapers, feeding, and just holding the newest member of our family. Our child-raising experience is anchored in years of NICU units, dialysis treatments, and navigating various hardware that came with having a baby with ARPKD.  While it’s not exactly a vacation to wake up at 2 in the…