9 Ways to Wait Out the Remainder of the Quarantine

Depending on how prepared you were, the early days might have been manic, establishing supply lines and hoarding toilet paper.  As churches and bars (trying to cover all bases here) stopped regular service it sank in that this was something that would last weeks, not days.  Now you’ve reached the end of the internet and you hold a strong opinion on Tiger King.  Here are 9 ways to wait out the remainder of the quarantine.  Some are productive while others are just stress relievers.  Regarding links: I don’t get anything from anyplace I’m linking to and I’m not endorsing anything, but hopefully they are a good place to start if something catches your eye.  In no particular order: Password Manager Now is the perfect time to set up a password manager.  You’re already cruising a ton of websites and logging in to buy groceries and rent Rise of Skywalker.  Stop…

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