Worth Reading

Hiring Good Managers is Hard?  Ha!  Try Keeping Them – Article by John West and Amie Ko of Research Affiliates about the challenge of manager selection

Introducing Vanguard’s New Alphabet ETFs – Great piece by Vanguard’s Joel Dickson about the dangers of backtesting

Forecasting Stock Returns – Vanguard examines how well data points (everything from P/E to rainfall) predict the market – spoiler alert: not well

S&P Research – Research from Standard & Poors – Check out the SPIVA and Persistence scorecards

Letting go of the Why  – Ben Carlson on keeping perspective while investing

Faulty Wall Street Assumptions – Another Ben Carlson gem covering a wide range of topics

Forecasting Quotes – A list of quotes regarding forecasting assembled by ValueWalk

The Skew – Michael Batnick breaks down the why behind a great Bloomberg article about how difficult it is to beat an index like the S&P 500