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This is the third in a series of posts about my investing philosophy – Elegant.  The investment process should be elegant, efficient, and low-friction. Before diving into what that means, Tadas at Abnormal Returns has collected posts that remember investing legend Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard, who recently passed away.  If you’ve invested money in the last 40 years, you have more money in your pocket than past investors because of Jack Bogle.  Skim the headlines and pick a couple to read.  It will be worth the time. Elegant If you were to build your portfolio from scratch today, would it look like what you own right now? Are the investments in your portfolio pieces of a larger financial plan or accumulated trinkets of an investment collection? When tempted to overthink a portfolio, I remember an urban legend from the space race. While NASA spent $1 million developing zero-g pen. the Soviets…

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I Blame SportsCenter

The market was down 3% yesterday although you’re more likely to see this as DOW PLUMMETS OVER 800 POINTS.  I don’t know why it’s down, but neither does anyone else.  No one knows what it will do from here, either.  However, I do know how things will play out on CNBC as every perma-bear in New York City is wetting their pants waiting for their booking agent to tell them what time to arrive on set.  I expect doom n’ gloomers making victory laps and appealing to our baser instincts. It’s All SportsCenter’s Fault The golden age of ESPN was wall to wall SportsCenter and actual sporting events.  Today it’s talk shows and even SportsCenter is less focused on actual sport and more story-driven.  Why?  Drama sells.  The WWE is basically soap operas for rednecks and you’re smarter than a redneck, right?  ESPN is the WWE of sports.  What’s really…