iPhones, IPOs, Interest Rates

iPhones, IPOs, and Interest Rates – The I’s Have It

iPhones, IPOs, Interest Rates Lots of random news today, none of which warrants a full post from me due to either lack of opinion or lack of expertise.  However, here are some places that have worthwhile views on each of these subjects.  Also, don’t forget about the Northeast Ohio PKD Walk on September 21st.  Donate to my team so I can hold bragging rights in my house for the next year.  My son William has his own fundraising page this year, too! The WeWork IPO It’s been hard to avoid news about WeWork.  First as a tech disruptor darling.  Now as fodder for gossip as their IPO plans look shaky.  Personally, I think the founder’s actions and the structuring of the firm tell you all you need to know, but I’m not a stock picking expert.  Professor Damodaran is, however, and he breaks down his view here along with some damning parallels…

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Golden Paw

Golden Paw of Fairness

My older son’s school celebrates a positive trait each month (respect, courtesy, etc) and recognizes students that embody the month’s trait at an assembly.  For February, William earned a golden paw award for fairness.  I keep thinking about this because while William may display fairness to his fellow students, life has not been fair to him.  The kid was dealt a tough hand of cards from the beginning.  He has ARPKD.  He deals with it and tries his best to show fairness and compassion to others, though, which is mind-blowing because he could use his diagnosis as a crutch instead.  Will could whine about all the things he can’t do like play contact sports or ride roller coasters.  Instead, he plays the hand he was dealt.  To see him do this day after day is inspiring and humbling. Kidney Month March is National Kidney Month.  The Wall Street Journal has…